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About Us

Most of the people we serve struggle with disability, addiction and/or mental illness. And in most cases, others have given up on them. By providing a place to live and support to change their lives, CaringWorks helps its clients make crucial steps toward independence.

Our results show that caring does work: As of 2011, two thirds of our departing clients had gone on to secure a higher income, and 60% moved on to better housing. Our aim is to break the cycle of homelessness – to work toward the day when our help is longer needed.

“Comprehensive” is the word that best describes CaringWorks’ services. Either directly or with the help of partners, we have great depth of experience providing our clients with:

  • Varying types of supportive housing, serving men, women, seniors and families
  • Case management services to help people transition to greater self-sufficiency
  • Counseling to overcome alcohol and drug addiction
  • Guidance to enhance “life skills” and job readiness
  • Emergency assistance paying for medicine, food and transportation

What distinguishes CaringWorks from similar organizations is an unwavering attention to finding and doing what works.

  • We evaluate every individual before providing services to determine his or her condition and capacity, and we use technology to track and measure the progress of each client.
  • We use evidence-based practices, which help ensure that our approach is sound and our outcomes consistent.
  • Our people are highly motivated by the purpose of their work, and a Performance Improvement Committee constantly seeks better ways and practices to achieve results.

CaringWorks is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). And in 2009, we received a five-year grant from SAMHSA, the federal agency overseeing substance abuse and mental health.

In addition to the percentages of clients who move on to higher incomes and better housing, CaringWorks also has great success in helping people take the early steps toward self-reliance. Two thirds of our current clients remain housed for 12 months or longer (as opposed to returning to the streets). And nine out of 10 were affirmed to be clean and sober for at least a year.

At any given time, CaringWorks serves more than 300 households across a spectrum of housing. The breadth and depth of our work has led us to establish close working partnerships with:

  • Government agencies at the federal, state and local levels, which contract with CaringWorks to provide services that help move people away from government assistance and toward self-reliance;
  • Owners of affordable housing properties, who recognize the value of stability that results from having a trusted organization provide assistance to residents in need;
  • Non-profit organizations and foundations, which invest in programs and services that strengthen communities and individuals.

Funding for CaringWorks comes from all of these constituents as well as from generous individuals.

A 501(c)(3) non-profit, CaringWorks was launched in 2002 as the supportive services provider for residents of properties developed by Progressive Redevelopment, Inc. (PRI). In 2008, CaringWorks became an independent organization, providing services to residents of other properties as well as those developed by PRI.