WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival, Inc.

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9898 Bissonnet Street
Suite 65o
United States

About Us

WorldFest continues its dedicated mission to showcase and honor the best of the emerging Independent filmmaking as well as educate and introduce young people to excellence in cinema.

It is a significant part of the rich cultural fabric of Houston, annually presenting a panorama of international films that contribute to the awareness and understanding of other countries and their cultures.

WorldFest-Houston honors excellence in film/ video production and offers over 200 scholarships, grants and awards to assist filmmakers in the advancement of their careers. It offers a special Honors Program for Houston area outstanding film & media students.

WorldFest-Houston sponsors The Houston Film Society, a 900+ member organization that presents screenings of new films before they are seen by the public.

WorldFest-Houston gave first honors to Stephen Spielberg, George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola, Ang Lee, David Lynch, Ridley Scott, the Coen Brothers, Brian De Palma, Oliver Stone and John Lee Hancock. The Remi Winners of this year's WorldFest will emerge as the Spielberg's of Tomorrow.

WorldFest-Houston remains as the only totally dedicated Independent film festival in North America, it does not screen major studio films. WorldFest is third oldest international film festival in North America, after San Francisco and New York. It is the longest running film festival in the world operating continuously under the same director.