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About Us

Soulforce Leadership is a year-long incubator that trains youth leaders to make change in the community taking an inside-out approach drawing from nonviolence, mindfulness, and compassion.  

Our program brings together diverse students from different schools, cultural, and economic backgrounds to create a transformative year-long experience that becomes a life-long experience.   By working with students from different backgrounds, we learn to authentically engage across these differences. There is no more important of a time than now to be peacemakers and changemakers in our own communities.

Students, learn about who you are, what matters to you, how to turn your differences into strengths, and how to make change in your own communities on issues that really matter to you.  Find your soulforce.  Be proud about the real impact you made.

Parents,  support your students to think bigger then themselves and get prepared for college and for life. This includes implementing a social impact project, while learning valuable 21st century leadership skills such as having empathy, collaborating across difference, and civic engagement.  These skills set the high-performers apart from the others. 

Community members,  help us build the next generation of leaders in Silicon Valley who care about the world around them, and can collaborate across city borders, cultures, races, and other forms of difference to make sustainable change happen in the world.