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About Us

On August 27, 2005 Acadiana’s Operation We Care, a non-profit organization, opened its doors to thousands of evacuees from New Orleans and the surrounding area. AOWC gave shelter and fed 2000 weary travelers venturing west, for approximately 3 days. On August 30, 2005 the Lafayette Cajundome opened its doors and many of the evacuees went on their way. The need for help; however, was still present.

In conjunction with various other nonprofit organizations, Acadiana's Operation We Care's main vision was making Acadiana home for our visitors from the surrounding parishes hit hardest by hurricane Katrina. With the help of many volunteers, AOWC was able to place many families and evacuees with generous families from the Lafayette area.

Since then, Acadiana's Operation We Care's main vision has been to give a helping hand to all of Acadiana. AOWC’s latest undertaking is the development of a Charter School in Opelousas Louisiana. In a city where 43% of the population is below the poverty line, many families are left with no choice. Acadiana Charter School would become that choice.

The vision of Acadiana Charter School is to instill moral, values, and discipline into the lives of the students that enter its halls. There is no price that can be put on such things; however, the stark reality is that nothing of any value comes without a price.