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About Us

Crowd VC is an Internet capital market where anyone can make a small loan to a business or development project in one of the Least Developed Countries of the world, and where in 30 days or less, entrepreneurs and change-makers can obtain the investment they need, at a price they can afford, to help create growth, jobs and prosperity in their community.

And when the business makes money, as a result of your loan, you can make money too.

By investing in business potential in these countries we can trigger long-term, positive social impact. Funding enterprise speeds up economic growth and prosperity permeates through the lives of the entrepreneurs, their families, employees and community; finally ending the dependency on charity and aid.

The more we invest the more money we earn and the greater the difference we make.

Crowd VC is a not-for-profit organization – a business that creates growth – growth enabled by making small business loans. Its product is not the free open-source, crowd-funding software it has developed, nor the free use of its Internet capital market. Its product is a ‘capitalist philanthropy engine’ we can all profit from, and make a real difference in the lives of the poor.

Our Mission

Through capitalist philanthropy, we seek to become agents of change, helping deliver an economic revolution in the capital markets of Africa and throughout all of the Least Developed Countries.