Gadrage Aid Foundation International (GAFI)

  • Kasoa

About Us


We exist to help alleviate extreme poverty and hunger in the Ghanaian community


To provide the requisite education and guidelines to enlighten the views of the indigence on the way to flee from the claws of poverty


Our organization teaches /trains the youth and women groups how to create lucrative businesses make savings and to acquire financial discipline to attain liberty from the claws of poverty. To ensure the aims and objectives of the GAFI are achieved, we run human developmental project in the areas of Education, Micro Credit, Health and many more.


GAFI's focus on education basically dwells on literacy. Encouraging and helping people especially children and the youth in deprived communities to read by the provision is books or reading materials and a proper strategic plan to instill the love of reading in the hears of primary age students.

GAFI believes the individuals can discover more for themselves if they can read and write on their own. And even discover their potentials for national development.


There are numerous of business opportunities in the Ghanaian communities yet they are not discovered by the indigenous Ghanaians or are let go down the drain simply because the people lacks the means (Money) and the nohow(Knowledge) to exploit the opportunity. At GAFI, we gather potential entrepreneurs in the poorest communities, educate them on business and financial management, and most of it all, encourage savings among them. The foundation also ensure there is an extension of financial support to help them create their businesses after the training have been given, and trace the impart of the project on the the individuals, their families and the community at large.


Health is a major factor to GAFI so long as the well-being of the deprived individuals in the Ghanaian community remain a priority.

In order to ensure our people live a healthy life, health education has become a part of every project we run at GAFI.

Also, we welcome health delivery experts to visit community heath centers where their services are needed most to see to it that our people do well heath-wise.