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About Us

The Vietnam Education Project (VNEP) is a start-up organization working to develop educational programs for underserved children in rural areas of Vietnam. VNEP will offer summer camps to provide education resources and opportunities to Vietnamese children as well as expose them to cross-cultural experiences through English language development and extracurricular activities. In addition, our program consists of pairing prospective Vietnamese teachers with more experienced English teachers from the United States to help them develop the skills, knowledge and expertise to properly educate children.

Based in New York City, our team is launching our first summer programs in Cao Lanh, and Quynh Thanh, two rural towns in the Mekong Delta and the Central North, starting July 2016. 


Our mission is to improve the lives of people in rural Vietnam, specifically by exposing children in targeted areas to more educational opportunities. We do this by providing summer education and enrichment programs focusing on English language development, and by conducting teaching training to develop prospective Vietnamese teachers. We want to bridge the cultural and language barrier between local Vietnamese, overseas Vietnamese descendants and Americans.


During the summer, most children help their parents with work, which typically involves either farming, selling goods, or manning small family shops. In Vietnam, families must pay an annual fee for students to attend school. In rural areas, summer programs are not typically available, accessible or affordable for children. The Vietnam Education Project works to bring summer enrichment programs to children who may not have the opportunity to attend classes otherwise.