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About Us

Join the Impact – Twin Cities meets every Sunday at 1pm at Grace Trinity Community Church on the corner of 28th in Hennepin (1430 W 28th St Minneapolis). Meetings are Open to Everyone!!

We are a politically independent organization of Minnesota-based grassroots activists fight for full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people. Using education, community organizing and direct action, JTI-TC is fighting federal, state and local laws that codify discrimination on the basis of gender expression and sexuality and the anti-LGBTQ environments they help create. From students organizing in our schools against bullying, to remembering our leaders like Harvey Milk, to all of us demanding full recognition under the law, it is time for everyone to take an active role and JOIN THE IMPACT!

Our History:

2008: Proposition 8 passes in California. From the frustration and sadness of thousands of people over this, a new grassroots network – Join The Impact – is formed. Its mission was Full Federal Equality for LGBTQ people and to demand our civil rights now!

Join The Impact – Twin Cities is formed by local activists and organizes a demonstration of 2,000 people against Prop. 8 within one week.

2009: Join The Impact – Twin Cities plays a crucial role in organizing a contingent from Minnesota to the National Equality March on October 11, 2009. The march brings 200,000 LGBTQ people and allies onto the streets of Washington, D.C. to let those in power know that a new national movement had taken shape.

2010: In honor of Harvey Milk Day and in the spirit of Milk’s commitment to social movements, Join The Impact – Twin Cities and supporters marched and rallied in Minneapolis with the message “We Won’t Wait! Full Federal Equality NOW!”

In the Fall of 2010, Join The Impact – Twin Cities organized a candlelight vigil to end bullying and create safe and supportive schools for our youth.

2011: Join the Impact – Twin Cities organized a Harvey Milk Day march and rally in honor of Harvey Milk, to celebrate LGBT heroes with the message: “Fighting for safe schools and workplaces! Full Equality Now!”

On October 30, Join the Impact – Twin Cities organized a march and rally for “Marriage Equality Now” in Hennepin County Government Plaza.