Shoshit Samadhan Kendra

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About Us

Shoshit Samadhan Kendra is a fully-funded English medium residential school for the students from the Musahar community. It’s run by Shoshit Seva Sangh and now accommodates over 315 male students.

These students reside in the hostel, as there is no environment or facility at home for studies. The school provides for their tuition, boarding, lodging, clothes, books, medical care and other basic necessities. SSK hopes that children who attain a high school degree from the school will be able to break out from the cycle of poverty. The SSK team realizes that pioneering an education initiative for a community that has been relegated for centuries is a monumental task. The aim of the project is to bring about a silent revolution in the Musahar community, which has lived in inhumane conditions for centuries. To enable and empower these children to make a quantum jump in life and become a catalyst of change within their community, SSS aims to support them through higher education in reputed institutions of the country after graduating from SSK.

SSS has now embarked on a mission to build a school to educate 1,000 Musahar kids by 2020. Construction of a new school is in progress that will house 500 children by 2015.

These musahar students shall then be empowered to make a quantum jump in life aspiring to leapfrog from the lowest rungs of the socio-economic ladder to its higher rungs. They shall become catalyst of change in their community. What has not happened over centuries can be achieved in a matter of a couple of decades. SSK aims to provide its students with a level playing field to compete with the best in the country. This is a long haul project but its impact will be permanent and will, in fact, constitute a silent revolution.