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About Us


  Save the marginalized Uganda (STM)

STM was formed to assist the rural people and villagers get access to poverty knowledge, fight discrimination of marginalized women, advocate for their fundamental rights and improve their health and socioeconomic status and lives using an integrated approach especially through community based approach.

STM ‘s vision is “to bring the dreams of the marginalized into reality among rural people/villagers by accessing quality, adequate and equitable Information and Education services at the same time seeing that their rights as disadvantaged peopled are respected by state of Uganda” while STM Mission is “To contribute towards raising the level, Quality & Equity of services and Education Services and advocate for the rights of rural people and villagers in Uganda through increasing access, advocacy, economic empowerment and working with other development actors”

Our development objective.

As STM continues to grow, and due to changing needs of the various categories of interest groups with a bearing on the organization, like all growing and learning organizations, STM is developing into an organization that serves a broad range of specific interests, with a focus on particular aspects as reflected in its vision, mission, purpose, objectives and value.


A Uganda with informed and educated rural people/villagers accessing quality, adequate and equitable Information , Education services, finical literacy and capacity building at the same time seeing that their rights as disadvantaged peopled are respected by state of Uganda


Strategic Objectives


  1. To bring an end to Child and Human Sacrifice in Busoga Eastern Uganda.
  2. Financial literacy
  3. 3 health services in kamuli district with support of Napoli medical center kabukye
  4. Access to Safe Clean Water.
  5. Ending Maternal Death in eastern Uganda of iganga luuka, kamuli, buyenda
  6. Food Security at Household Level in Busoga.
  7. Access to Vocational and Life Skills Training.
  8. Access to markets for economic empowerment for the rural women using social media.
  9. To provide friendly, indiscriminate Information and Communication Technology Services to the rural and Villagers in Uganda.


Core Values.


  1.  Respect for human rights of every individual is key guide to our work.


  1.  Integrity is prime in our work.


  1.  Teamwork is the basis for all achievement.
  2. Accountability and loyalty


  1.  Confidentiality at individual and organizational levels

Our target.

STM primarily targets rural disadvantaged people with Rural Women, Children and Youths with secondary involvement of youths, children, Local authorities, Elders and Opinion Leaders, faith based leaders, like-minded institutions, civil society, organizations, individuals and communities.

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