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About Us

The Portland Schools Alliance strengthens public education for all children by developing the leadership of parents, teachers, principals and students, building a relational culture within school communities and organizing leaders and allies.

Vision Statements

Transforming school communities: The Portland Schools Alliance is a network of school communities that effectively fosters a culture of relationships, shared power and public engagement.

Strengthening public education: Parents, teachers, principals and students build partnerships and a political voice to ensure a system of quality public schools as an essential cornerstone of democracy.

Creating a diverse and inclusive organization: We are building a multicultural organization using our resources and power to improve the quality of education for all children. We prioritize our organizing to benefit students of color, low-income students and English Language Learners.

Building power for the long-term: The Portland Schools Alliance is sustained through the leadership, skills, organizing and contributed resources of our leaders, as well as the support of our allies.

Developing parent leaders: Parents receive effective training, mentorship and ongoing support to build our leadership, impact our school communities and direct the organization.


Shared Power - We develop parents, teachers, principals and students as leaders who share power to act strategically and collectively to effect change.

Diversity - We affirm differences and build relationships and community among culturally, ethnically and socially diverse groups in our organization and schools.

Inclusiveness - We recognize unjust power differences in society, and we share power to create an environment which motivates participation and engages people equally in our organization and schools.

Equity - We believe that all children should have the resources and opportunities they need to become strong learners and to succeed in school.

Integrity - We are accountable to each other to create plans, take actions and conduct ourselves based on our mission, vision and values.

Relationships - We share our stories and build relationships of mutual trust and reciprocity.

Listening - We hear each other with thoughtful attention.

Reflection - We take time to evaluate our experiences and express our thoughts and opinions as a result of active participation, listening, and analysis.