El Arte Sano Urubamba

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About Us


EL ARTE SANO URUBAMBA is an educational organisation with an intercultural focus, dedicated to providing language courses and organising arts, cultural and social activities, which serve as a spark for development for the community of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. 


Our aim is for EL ARTE SANO URUBAMBA to continue growing as a place where cultures meet, being self-sustaining, accessible, open, lively, dynamic and participatory: a hub for encounters, where educational, arts and cultural activities take place at low-cost or free, open to all types of people.


Solidarity, love, peace, sustainability, empowerment, respect, personal and collective growth, equality, inclusion, tolerance, non-discrimination and participation are some of our main values, and we aim to promote these in our community, since we believe that these are the pillars of the quality of life for human beings.



• We offer English courses, Spanish for foreigners, French, as well as promote the main local language of Quechua. The courses are open to children, young people and adults. 

• We also offer ‘English for tourism’ courses inside some of the most important hotels and restaurants of the area. 

• The language courses are taught by teachers and volunteers who are native English speakers. 


We offer cultural and arts activities are for children, young people as well as adults.

• Summer Courses (arts and sports activities for the youngest ones in the family)

• Holistic and reflective workshops (Yoga, Reiki, amongst others).

• A variety of training courses (mainly focused on the arts and other cultural themes)

• Events, Festivals 

• Library: We have growing selection of interesting books in English, Spanish and other languages, which are available for our students, teachers and other collaborators. Our medium-term plan is to start sharing them with the wider community. 

• Thrift shop, consisting of clothes from donations which is offered at very low prices. 

• Café: A space inside the school that acts as a meeting place for locals and foreigners. We’ve also been having weekly ‘language interchange’ events here, which is a free activity, open to anyone who is interested. We are planning to have weekly documentary and movie projection nights too.


In 2013 and 2014 we ran the ‘Creative Education Project’ at the 711 Primary school in Urubamba, which involved providing a classroom with a theater course. We’re aiming to increase our income to be able to continue with this project!