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About Us

The Chemical Educational Foundation (CEF) is a nationally recognized, award winning non-profit organization that is dedicated to enhancing grade K-8 students' exposure to science by emphasizing the central role of chemistry in everyday life. In accordance with our mission, CEF has developed several important programs that encourage collaboration among the chemical industry, educators, and all community members to foster a greater understanding of the science of chemistry, the benefits of chemicals, and the importance of chemical safety awareness.

All of CEF's programs, including the popular You Be The Chemist programs, are designed to provide everyone with the tools needed to enhance science education in their community and are easily implemented with minimum expense and investment of time. From conducting an experiment in a classroom, distributing Activity Guides to children of company employees, nominating an industry leader to one of CEF’s award programs, or championing a regional academic competition – CEF is here to help you improve the chemistry with your community!