ESCA-Bishkek International School

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67 A Bronirovannaya Street


About Us

Our VisionTo be the best international school in Central Asia providing inspirational education in a happy environment for globally minded students who are the leaders of the future.

Our Mission is to enable our students to:

  • Develop their intellectual curiosity and achieve their academic, sporting and creative potential;
  • Be confident in their abilities and respectful of others;
  • Learn about local and global issues and prepare to tackle common challenges.

In a school which:

  • Delivers and celebrates excellent teaching for internationally accredited education;
  • Values diversity;
  • Contributes positively to development of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Our Commitment

ESCA is a non-profit foundation, founded by the community as a liberal secular school with transparent governance and operations, providing education in a supportive, family orientated and safe environment. ESCA welcomes any individual regardless of gender, ethnicity, language, or religious belief and everyone is encouraged to take part in all school activities.

In accordance with the ESCA Charter, in addition to providing excellent education, our mission includes raising awareness of human rights, development of social responsibility, social justice and democratic participation, awareness and tolerance of cultural difference, humanity, development of team spirit, creativity, environment protection and sustainable development.

We are a community school, inspiring students who reflect the power of community to achieve extraordinary transformative change for a better world. Our aim is that ESCA becomes an exceptional school in Central Asia demonstrating the benefits of our approach to education, inspiring much wider changes in education in the region