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About Us

Himalaya Project is an apolitical organization fully dedicated to protecting the culture and civilization of the Himalayas.

In order to sustain and protect the Buddhist Himalayan culture, we engage in a number of projects that aim to reconstruct and preserve its valuable emblems.

An important part of our activity is to support and strengthen Buddhist Himalayan education which, on the one hand, maintains the cultural values of the Nepal-Himalayas and, on the other hand, enables and encourages the exchange of information between the Nepal-Himalayas and the culture of the Western countries. Towards these aims, we aid in the development and the sponsorship of children to enable them an education that emphasizes traditional cultural values and incorporates contemporary education standards.

Another central part of our activity is to promote the Buddhist Himalayan culture internationally. We organize presentations and exhibitions which allow people from the western cultural area to learn traditional Tibetan techniques of painting, sculpture, construction and medicine.

All these projects support the Buddhist Himalayan community. They give the people of the Himalayas stable work, which allows them to raise their living standards without disturbing the natural development of their culture.

What it is important to us and what we need to emphasize is that all of our projects are initiated by the local people who turn to us and ask for support.

Our organization has a long history and experience in working with the people in the in cultural areas, like communities around Nepal, Mustang, Solokhumbu, Sharkumbu and Okhaldhunga.

We will be delighted if you would like to read more about our activity and we will happily offer you more detailed information. If you are interested in working with us, you are joyfully welcome!