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About Us

At Windward we're weaving together practical, human-scale systems to demonstrate how to sustainably feed, clothe and fuel twenty people on a hundred acres. We're working out the arts and crafts needed to create a sustainability village because now is the time for radical change--and there's no more radical act than creating a working model of a better way.

This is an opportunity to undertake an entry-level internship focused on renewable energy, sustainable food production and consensus-based community, and--if it's a good fit--to build that into a sustainable home and a right-livelihood centered on sustainability as a way to live and help live.

In addition to traditional sustainability techniques such as organic gardening, earth-sheltered construction and the use of natural fibers such as wool and linen, we're committed to developing cutting-edge systems such as hyper-integrated aquaponics, the conversion of forest waste into car fuel and representative consensus-based community.

If you have the vision, we have the tools; so if you've ever dreamed of a peace village engaged in creating a joyful, sustainable life close to the land--if you're someone who's eager to pick up the tools and build a better way, we'd like to hear from you.

Walt Patrick Internship Coordinator The Windward Center