Pax Americana Institute (PAI)

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About Us

Pax Americana Institute is a think tank devoted to research and analysis of major political, economic, social, cultural, and philosophical issues. The Institute is grounded in the principles of classical conservatism, which has roots in the very foundations of Western civilization, from the Classical period through today. The Pax Americana Institute believes in the resolute necessity of upholding the values of the American Revolution and loyalty to the United States Constitution. The core tenets include a belief in federalism and liberty at home and in the supremacy of American power and, most importantly, leadership abroad.

Pax Americana’s goals are to conduct policy analysis, scholarly research and publication, and policy recommendation in the following fields: international affairs, foreign policy, security issues, domestic politics, campaigns and elections, culture, privacy, philosophy, religion, and education. Publication is a major activity of the Institute, with the flagship piece being The Collegiate Conservative (a collegiate journal of conservative thought). Our weekly Political Forecast—accessible on our Home page—features timely intelligence and analysis of current issues. Pax Americana engages in seminars, conferences, educational outreach, media programs, publications, and briefings to reach a broad audience, including the general public, educators, legislators and the scholarly community.