Green Meadow Waldorf School

  • NY


307 Hungry Hollow Rd.
Chestnut Ridge
United States

About Us

Green Meadow Waldorf School derives its life and nature from an understanding that each human being is a unique individual, with spiritual, moral and physical relationships to the earth and to society. We work to foster self-reliance in our students, along with consciousness of their rightful relationship to others. We want them to develop the capacity for creative and independent thought as well as the discernment to act in a free and morally responsible way. Our curriculum affords them the practical skills and knowledge necessary to meet the challenges of their next steps in life, but we measure our success as educators by more than what our students know or what they can do now. We look at how they continue to develop throughout their lives.

Within our school community and in our classrooms, we strive to create a cultural and social learning environment which enriches and inspires our students, colleagues, parents, friends and alumni. Together with parents, we work to foster an understanding of and support for Waldorf education in our school and in the wider community.