Master of Arts in American Studies - KSU

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About Us

The MA Program in American Studies at Kennesaw State University dedicates itself to crossing boundaries: disciplinary, social, cultural, and institutional. The program is multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary, focusing on the study of American cultures as they exist locally, regionally, nationally, and transnationally. With grounding in the content knowledge base and methodologies from a range of fields, students are actively encouraged to pursue an understanding and critical analysis of the history, literature, arts, politics, language, philosophy, and social practices of the multitude of American communities. Through the use of project-based learning linked to their own professional development needs, interests, and abilities, the program engages students in an exchange of learning and service in local communities and abroad.

This is a two-year program in which students take thirty-six hours of graduate level coursework. The program concludes with an internship in a field of the student's choice and a capstone project/thesis in which a students works to contribute original research to the field of American Studies.