Neighborhood Outreach Group

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3004 W. Lancaster Ave
Fort Worth
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About Us

"Building a Better Party One Neighborhood and Precinct at a time"

NOG, developed by Wendell Dorsey and sponsored by the Tarrant County Democratic Party, was specifically designed with Precinct Chairs in mind. It is a grassroots organizing program intended to identify, organize, and energize the Democratic Party.

NOG is based on the social concept of small group meetings, comprised of about 8-12 people. These small group meetings take place in constituent's neighborhoods and have the possibility to expand to every precinct in Tarrant County.

Once a NOG is set up, it will continue to grow, thus increasing the Democratic population throughout the county. In 2008, NOG influenced over 2000 people to vote in the Presidential election. There is no reason these results cannot be reproduced for local campaigns.