Sustainable Agriculture Development Program, Nepal



P.B. No. 220

About Us

1. To create awareness among the local farmers about the positive impact of permaculture & organic farming. 2. To encourage farmers for the utilization of local resources and making alert about the long-term effect of chemical use on environment, human health and animal welfare. 3. To co-ordinate with national and international organizations for the propagation of permaculture & organic farming. 4. To run specific classes literacy classes for the illiterate farmers and their family to build up analysis capacity. 5. To encourage farmers adopting integrated farming system bringing radical changes in traditional agriculture method. 6. To initiate micro-finance system among the farmers by managing group funding to eradicate the poverty. 7. To provide training & develop knowledge and skill maintaining ecological balance. 8. To work on Food Security program. 9. To encourage for the preservation of local seeds.