Opera Singers Initiative

  • NY

About Us

Our Vision

Founded in 2007, Opera Singers Initiative is a collaborative, dynamic, arts and professional development organization that supports emerging professional classical performers. Each season we invite ten extraordinarily talented performers, after a rigorous selection process, to participate in our 12 month training and development program.

We are committed to teaching business education and entrepreneurial skills to opera and classical singers which we accomplish by providing artists with one-on-one mentoring and career development sessions with business and arts professionals, performance opportunities, and funding to pursue continued study and entrepreneurial ventures in opera.

Opera Singers Initiative focuses on providing best practices and supporting emerging talent through a combination of premiere nonprofit and business practices. On a broader scope, Opera Singers Initiative looks to build an arts organization that establishes an enduring foundation of services and support to emerging classical talent.

Our Programs

Opera Singers Initiative supports emerging professional opera singers through an innovative 12 month training program. Each year, Opera Singers Initiative selects ten opera singers after a rigorous audition process. These ten singers are then provided one-on-one monthly mentoring with key classical, arts and business professionals, a full season of career development opportunities, and business training to pursue their careers in classical music.

Our Mission

To provide mentoring, educational services and financial support to emerging classical talent while increasing the public's interest in opera and classical music.