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About Us

Amy Biehl High School (ABHS) prepares all students for success in top-quality colleges and the global economy while remaining rooted in the local community. Amy Biehl High School believes that with great teachers and a supportive environment ALL students can succeed, regardless of background and economic circumstances. Every ABHS student takes a minimum of two college courses at the University of New Mexico or Central New Mexico Community College while simultaneously engaging with adults in their community through service. By preparing students in this manner, we are creating the leaders of tomorrow for our state. Our track record speaks for itself.

98% ABHS graduates have enrolled directly into college.

80% of ABHS graduates have graduated from or are still attending college.

Our Students ■ 64% First-generation college bound ■ 40% Economically disadvantaged ■ 60% of ABHS students are Hispanic, Native American or African American ■ 23% Special Needs ■ Geographically diverse - over 33 middle school feeders ■ Over 50% of ABHS students enter two or more grade levels behind in Math and English.

Our Faculty ■ Highly-educated: 70% of ABHS Teachers have a Masters Degree or higher ■ Committed: ABHS Teachers work an additional 25 days to hone their craft ■ Accessible: Teachers are available to students on Saturdays and during breaks ■ Innovative: Mentoring future teachers and social workers ■ Supportive: A professionally staffed Support Center promotes student and family well-being.

Our Commitment ■ ABHS students must earn 75% to pass a class compared to 60% at other public schools. ■ Parents and students sign a contract that states they will do Whatever It Takes to succeed. ■ Students participate in longer school days, a longer school year, Interim & Summer School. ■ ABHS requires and pays for test prep classes for the ACT and SAT. ■ Every student takes a minimum of two college classes on a college campus. ■ Every student participates in a year long project that strengthens our community.

Our Community ■ Service Collaborators: Over 75 community organizations coming into the school and mentoring students – Delores Gonzales, Road Runner Foodbank, Ronald McDonald House ■ Education Partners: UNM, Smith College , NM Highlands University , NMSU ■ Funders: Albuquerque Community Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, CES National, Citi Cards, CNM Foundation, The Daniels Fund, The Design Group, Domanica Foundation, Enterprise Foundation, First Community Bank, Honeywell, PNM Resources, McCune Charitable Foundation, New Mexico Community Foundation, Presbyterian Health, Wachovia, Walton Foundation, Wells Fargo

Our Results ■ 86% of ABHS graduates have graduated from or are still attending college compared with New Mexico’s four-year college completion rate of 33%. ■ 98% of ABHS graduates have enrolled directly into college. ■ Over 50% of ABHS graduates have continued community engagement work. ■ ABHS Seniors taking courses at UNM outperformed their college freshman classmates earning an average GPA of 3.2 versus 2.9 for college freshman.