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About Us

The Coexist Foundation is a non-profit organization creating understanding across divides. Since 2006, the Coexist Foundation has forged a range of inspiring initiatives to create understanding through education and innovation.

An initiative of the Coexist Foundation, the Coexist Campaign was created to address the crisis of understanding that tears at the social fabric of societies around the world. Globalization has outpaced our understanding of one another, creating divisions that plague communities with prejudice, hate and violence. While these are complicated problems, there are tangible, long lasting solutions. A combination of knowledge, relationship and shared action decreases conflict and strengthens the bonds that hold societies together. The social cohesion created by these three components produces understanding across divides.

Coexist strengthens understanding through a sustainable model of people working and learning together. We improve the lives of farmers and enable children to learn together across the divides of their communities. By bringing together communities with a history of conflict, we strengthen the bonds between them and create a new generation free from prejudice, hate and violence.

100% of public donations, in addition to the profits from Coexist Products, go directly to providing children from communities in conflict with access to schools, teachers, books, supplies and two meals a day.

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