Christopher Rose Community Empowerment Campaign

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About Us

CAMERA (Community Action and Mobilization Effort to Raise Awareness): "Turn Your CAMERA On"… CAMERA seeks to engage a wide range of community stakeholders to increase awareness and individual involvement in neighborhood watches and prevention activities to ensure that violent crimes are reported in a timely manner and can be prevented or deterred if possible. Stakeholders include, but are not limited to, the Community, Police precincts, Churches/ faith based organizations, local businesses and more!

PACE (Practical, Academic, and Cultural Enrichment) Youth Development : "Each one teach one, heal one, reach one"…Understanding that all of our children are at risk of being involved in violent crimes, whether they are the victim or the perpetrator, The PACE youth component will promote the development of out-of-school community services to provide physical/practical, academic, and cultural enrichment for inner city youth.

HOPE (Helping Other Parents Endure) through Christopher Rose: "Today it's my child…Tomorrow it may be yours"…The purpose of HOPE is to provide outreach services and support to parents and other family members within the community who have lost a child, whose child may have been a victim of violence, or who wish to become involved in community mobilization activities to prevent violence and family destabilization.