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About Us

Community Links is an environmental, service-learning, volunteer, and educational organization. Through cross-border, cross-cultural environmental work and community-based educational programs- including international immersion experiences we provide a wide variety of people with diverse backgrounds the opportunity to learn about the ways in which our local, national, and global realities are intertwined. With that perspective, we can begin to recognize how our lifestyles and values affect those realities. One of our main goals is to connect the local with the global. By local we mean that reality which deals with immediate personal relationships, truly representative and inclusive political participation, and community value systems. We strive to create economic, social and political systems that nurture local communities and individuals. Specifically, our programs are aimed at strengthening local developmental processes, micro-entrepreneurial efforts, and ecological recovery. We continuously explore our worlds and analyze our assumptions through experiential learning, and we constantly re-evaluate our efforts and results so as to adjust strategically for the future. In this way, we create a solid base from which to deal with the larger global issues.