Whittier Alliance

  • Minnesota

About Us

Our Work

We exist to support and empower Whittier’s residents, businesses, and property owners to engage with their community at the most local level, to work together to solve problems, and to celebrate the extraordinary elements that make our neighborhood one of a kind. We plan community events, provide a platform for voicing ideas and concerns to elected officials, administer community grant programs, build neighborhood coalitions, support small business initiatives, and serve as a resource hub for all things Whittier.


Our Structure & Funding

Whittier Alliance is an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization governed by our Board of Directors. We have two full-time and one part-time staff members, but most of the work is carried out by passionate volunteers who devote their own time and energy to events and task forces. We are funded primarily by the City of Minneapolis for operating expenses, but we also rely on the generous donations of stakeholders in the neighborhood to fund programming and community events.


Acting Committees

  • Community Issues - Events, development projects, engagement opportunities, outreach
  • Business Association - Business news, workshops, promotion, support programs, networking
  • Housing Issues - Resources, advocacy, and outreach to renters, landlords, and homeowners
  • Environmental Sustainability - Trash cleanups, community gardens, solar initiatives, resources


Get Involved!

  • Attend our monthly committee meetings to learn more about what’s happening in Whittier.
  • Volunteer at or help plan an upcoming event.
  • Work with staff and other committee members to develop a project or program you believe in.
  • Serve on our Board of Directors! One and three-year terms are elected every March and April.

Latest Listings

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