Community After School Program

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1023 N. Flood Avenue
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About Us

We strive to create a positive social and recreational experience for the children in our program by providing opportunities for constructive interaction between the children and adults through structured and unstructured situations.

Children are encouraged to be involved in decision-making through self-selected activities. A variety of enrichment opportunities are offered including sports, games, arts and crafts, reading and homework, and socialization with peers in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Yesterday In 1974, CASP was organized as a result of a citizen’s action committee. The group addressed the need for after school care for elementary school students whose parents were not available to care for them due to their busy work schedules. Norman’s Community After School Program was one of the first latch-key programs in the nation. As a result of a survey of need, the first site for CASP was opened in February 1974 at Cleveland Elementary School.

Today As the needs in our community have grown, so have we. Today CASP provides after school care to approximately 700 children in all fifteen Norman elementary schools. Additionally, CASP began offering a summer program in 2004 to meet the growing needs of the families we serve.

Tomorrow CASP continues to look for ways to improve the quality of care we provide through research, training and collaborative efforts. As a “Two Star” childcare facility, CASP is required to meet higher standards according to DHS licensing guidelines. However, this is not enough. CASP prides itself on surpassing the minimum standards as set by DHS in several areas including: staff to child ratios, CPR and first aid training, and quantity and quality of training hours.