Business Solutions for International Development (BSID)

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About Us

Business Solutions for International Development (BSID), a nonprofit corporation, provides responsible and innovative business solutions to organizations whose programs lead to the social and economic empowerment of vulnerable communities worldwide. We work to strengthen the impact of our clients by enabling them to reach more people more effectively. Driven by this belief, we provide an array of services to empower organizations dedicated to socially responsible and innovative development. We work with such organizations to:

Maintain compliance to donor requirements, through developing budgets, reporting methodologies, and planning and implementing project monitoring and evaluation plans.

Enhance institutional capacity by developing and implementing plans for organizational management, and the application of policies and procedures to ensure streamlined operations.

Plan and implement international business development strategies by bridging the gap between innovative approaches that are taking place in one corner of the globe to another where these services would benefit many individuals and communities.

Use our content area expertise to write proposals, concept papers, and other advocacy and funding solicitation materials to facilitate the growth of our partners and clients.