SweatFree Communities - A Network for Local Action Against Sweatshops

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About Us

SweatFree Communities (www.sweatfree.org) is a national network of grassroots anti-sweatshop organizations that works to build a global economy with justice and equality. We campaign for worker justice and a global trading system that reflects the values of working people and communities worldwide and gives just workplaces a chance to succeed.

You can get active in the sweatfree movement by bringing the campaign to your community. Make sure your business, religious group, school, city council, or state government commits to buying products made in fair labor conditions and holds companies accountable to improve conditions in sweatshops currently in their supply chains. Apparel companies will only change their sweatshop practices if we create a market for sweatfree products and services.

Here are 5 ways you can take action: 1. Send a letter [www.sweatfree.org/sweatfreeconsortium] to your governor and mayor asking them to join the State and Local Government Sweatfree Consortium to ensure that your public tax dollars do not support sweatshop conditions 2. Endorse the campaign [www.sweatfree.org/endorse] 3. Next time you buy clothes, buy sweatfree! See our suggestions at www.sweatfree.org/shopping 4. If you have to wear uniforms for your job or for school, participate in our "Me and My Uniform" project. Check out www.sweatfree.org/myuniform 5. Contact us to bring the sweatfree campaign to your community. Email us at organize@sweatfree.org or call 207-262-7277 / 413-586-0974.