Uplift International

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About Us

Uplift International's mission is to improve the well being of the world’s most vulnerable populations by promoting the universal human right to health through education, advocacy, and humanitarian efforts. Uplift International views health through a human rights lens and human rights through a health lens.

Our Core Principles: - All people, regardless of economic or social status, have the right to access health information an services to improve their individual, family, and community health - All people have the right to be free from the inequality, discrimination, or inadvertent neglect that adversely impacts health - Local implementation of international human rights norms promotes social justice All About Equity Uplift International improves health and health equity through rights-based advocacy. We build relationships with professional associations, universities, and with health, law, and business professionals. Our work is carried out through collaborative partnerships that build bridges among diverse groups to respect, protect, and fulfill the right to health for vulnerable populations.

We work in Asia and the United States