Partners for a Bright and Healthy Haiti, Inc.

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About Us

Partners for a Bright and Healthy Haiti, Inc. is a tax exempt organization that works to integrate high quality education, health services, and nutrition under one roof while putting children's psychological needs at the center of teaching, learning and health service delivery. Our vision is to work in concert with Haitian professionals to support a generation of Haitian children who think globally and act locally.

The mission of Partners for a Bright and Healthy Haiti is to work across borders and sectors to improve the life trajectories of underserved Haitian children so that they are bright and healthy citizens of the world.

It is vital that the model school-health clinics are sustainable and replicable to create lasting change in the areas of education and health. Our approach to sustainable change includes establishing regional advisory boards in Haiti to inform and guide the development of school-health clinics in each department.

Co-founders: Mila Gauvin, MD and Kimber Bogard, PhD