Easter Seals Oregon

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5757 SW Macadam Avenue
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About Us

Easter Seals Oregon will continue to be the leading organization in helping children and adults with disabilities to live with Equality, Dignity, and Independence.


Easter Seals Oregon will strive to be:

The one organization in Oregon best known for helping children and adults with disabilities to live with Equality, Dignity and Independence.

The organization with the most committed, dedicated, professional staff and volunteers of any charitable organization in Oregon.

The organization constantly using leading edge services and technologies to ensure that we will always provide the finest care available anywhere in Oregon.

The nonprofit organization recognized as a leader in effective, efficient use of its resources, and for being one of Oregon's best investments of contributed dollars.

The most consistently superior affiliate in the network of Easter Seals.


These are the Values of Easter Seals Oregon and will guide our actions:

Integrity: We conduct business ethically, and with a commitment to moral integrity.

Respect: We respect each other. We value the uniqueness and dignity of each individual, and appreciate the strength of diversity and inclusion.

Shared Purpose: We share a sense of purpose. We have an enthusiastic sense of mission. We believe that to better meet our mission we must work as a unified nationwide organization.

Excellence: We value excellence. We value people who get involved and demonstrate a commitment. We believe it takes excellence, and confident, accountable people to create innovative solutions that are valued by the people we serve.

Customer Focused: We are customer focused. We value and strive to continually understand and proactively respond to the changing needs of the people we serve, regardless of their resources.