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About Us

Shelter For Life International (SFL) is a humanitarian organization enabling people affected by conflict and disaster to rebuild their communities and restore their lives.

Shelter For Life International (SFL) is an humanitarian organization with headquarters in Minnesota USA. With over thirty years of experience, SFL specializes in providing sustainable housing solutions for internally displaced persons, refugees, ecological migrants, and disaster victims. SFL also has an extensive history in reconstruction of physical infrastructure, agriculture development and food security, and application of microcredit. Cultural sensitivity, community participation, and appropriate technologies are an integral part of our programs. 

SFL believes that sustainable communities are built through the shared involvement of local people who are empowered to be an integral part of the rebuilding process. With this grassroots approach, SFL enables victims of conflict and disaster to become part of the solution. SFL equips people with training, tools, and materials to permanently rebuild their communities, homes, and lives.