See Beneath, Inc.

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About Us

See Beneath, Inc. a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in San Diego, CA.

See Beneath's mission is to engage and educate children with autism by creating and providing early developmental tools to foster that foster positive change and help children reach developmental milestones. The co-founders have a background in autism intervention and research from University of California San Diego.

The team is committed to providing evidence-based tools that motivate children with autism to learn basic skills and interact with others. Research is currently being conducted at Claremont Graduate University on the first season of Aiko & Egor.

Aiko & Egor is an animated video series developed specifically for children with autism that uses principals of Applied Behavior Analysis and Video Modeling to target specific developmental skills.

Currently, the team is developing an iPad and smart phone application with the first season Aiko & Egor video content