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About Us

New York University Child Study Center is the nation's leading organization for the prevention and treatment of child and adolescent psychiatric and learning disorders. Through science-based clinical care, cutting-edge research, and expert medical training, the Center strives to generate new knowledge about child mental health, improve the practices of healthcare professionals who serve children, and influence child-related public health policy. Most importantly, the Center provides hope, help and care to children and their families who suffer from these disorders. The NYU Child Study Center is committed to giving children back their childhood. To learn more, visit AboutOurKids.org.

The NYU Child Study Center Communications Department consists of a 10-person team working together to educate the public through lectures and conferences, media outreach, and up-to-date information on our newly re-designed website, AboutOurKids.org. We also serve as the center for disseminating internal communication for the CSC.