LeConte Elementary School

  • CA


2241 Russell Street
United States

About Us

LeConte’s Vision Statement: LeConte students will become enthusiastic and successful learners, allowing them to master fundamentals, take risks, and tackle intellectual challenges. Our positive school culture and community-building activities will help improve students’ self-esteem and their ability to develop:

• compassion, • empathy, • understanding of differences, and • problem-solving skills.

LeConte’s Mission Statement: We will support every child to meet high expectations by providing:

• access to highly trained and effective instructional staff; • differentiated instruction that integrates engaging, enriching curriculum with supportive strategies for diverse learners; • opportunities to work individually and cooperatively; • a nurturing community that supports the development of each child’s personal interests, talents, relationships, and social skills. Every member of the LeConte community will take personal responsibility in realizing our School Vision.