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About Us

As a college that hosts programs with national and international recognition, Lehigh University's College of Arts and Sciences offers master's and doctoral programs in a variety of disciplines. The College of Arts and Sciences is a vigorous learning environment where quality instruction and innovative scholarship are the norms. At Lehigh, graduate students make significant contributions to the intellectual and social life of the University. Here, research and scholarship are the cornerstone of the graduate programs. What makes Lehigh a special place to pursue graduate studies? The College of Arts and Sciences offers a sense of belonging in a close-knit community, faculty dedicated to mentoring graduate students, research opportunities, as well as the support services and outside-of-the-classroom opportunities you'd associate with a large university.

The College of Arts and Sciences invites applications from students whose breadth of academic experience and fitness for the specific field of study suggest the potential for scholarly achievement. A highly talented and diverse student body significantly heightens the character and quality of the academic culture and community. To this end, the College of Arts and Sciences is constantly working to increase the pool of graduate scholars from diverse backgrounds.