Pro-Care Foundation

About Us

Pro-Care Foundation is an International Organization that reaffirms its humanitarian commitments by honestly tackling the obvious needs of the poor and the excluded poorest communities around the world. PCF is a constructive grass root action promoting organization that has spread its wings to caring individuals and organization across the globe that are committed to the sorrowful plight of the deprived, marginalized and left destitute folks in the rural communities. PCF programs focus areas includes: HealthCare, Education, Gender, Good Governance and Accountability.

We offer the tools needed to address both the immediate and the long-term needs of the people particularly the poor and the marginalized in society, effectively focusing on the core issues of poverty. Since our inception in 2000, PCF has worked in numerous regions in the world, particularly in Africa, Asia and Europe and in USA.

Pro-Care Foundation Goals is to provide access to quality health services, to promote equal rights for all, to provide access to quality affordable education for all, to promote good governance and accountability and to provide exchange programs in terms of leadership development and networking for the youth.