Arua Worship Centre & Ebenezar Nursery and Primary School

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About Us

ARUA WORSHIP CENTRE, as well as EBENEZAR NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL are registered as community based organizations and have been operating in the district of Arua, UGANDA (East Africa) since the year 2008. Arua Worship Centre is the mother entity of which thereafter Ebenezar Nursery and Primary School was spawned. Our mission statement is to fulfill the command that our lord Jesus Christ gave to his followers to take care of the poor. We believed we were thus able to do so by creating and providing an enabling opportunity to disadvantaged, abandoned and oppressed adolescent children in the African rural community through high quality elementary education in a loving and holistic environment for the glory of God. Though our journey from inception has not been an easy one, by the grace of God we are still pushing on.

Currently we are embarked on a humanitarian campaign "ONE ADOLESCENT AFRICAN CHILD, ONE CUP OF SAFE DRINKING WATER". It’s an innovative social project to repair and upgrade an existing non-functioning water-borehole through the fundraising of U.S $2,000, so as to provide access and use of safe drinking water to one rural African community and its under-privileged plus neglected adolescent children in UGANDA (East Africa). The economic-effect through the sale of safe water supplied by the borehole to the very community; sponsors each African child with admission and welfare to elementary education, in a holistic and loving environment. Praise is to the almighty God.

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LOCATION: Oluodri Village, Arua District, UGANDA (East Africa).

TEL: +256-754-775-572