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About Us

The Princeton Learning Cooperative is a center that helps teenagers live and learn without school by supporting teens to create a personalized education based on their interests, abilities and goals. We offer help developing a personalized plan, classes that run throughout the day, tutoring, help finding internship and volunteer opportunities, mentoring, help with college admissions and a safe and comfortable place for students to work and socialize.

We are always looking for volunteers to help with tutoring, leading classes and workshops, and for people and organizations providing internship, volunteer and work opportunities. Check out the volunteer page on our website.

We have an ongoing apprenticeship program to support people to learn the skills and ideas necessary to create and/or work successfully in self-directed learning programs. Details about the apprenticeship program can be found on the Liberated Learners apprenticeship page.

We post job openings on The Learning Cooperative's employment page.

Latest Listings

Teachers and Tutors Needed (Volunteer Opportunity)