White Pony Express

  • California


Vincent Road
Pleasant Hill
United States

About Us

Our mission is to help end hunger and poverty in Contra Costa County by delivering the abundance around us to those in need.

White Pony Express picks up donations of fresh, highly nutritious food and delivers it directly to non-profits serving those in need in Contra Costa County. We receive food from 100+ donors, and deliver to 50+ recipient organizations. Our donors include Whole Foods, Costco, Nob Hill, Safeway, Sprouts, Choice Lunch, and numerous farmers' markets and restaurants. Our recipients include Bay Area Rescue Mission, Loaves and Fishes, Shelter, Inc., Salvation Army Concord and Antioch, and many more.

White Pony Express currently delivers more than 120,000 pounds of food per month and has delivered more than 1.4 million pounds of food to date.