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About Us

The mission of womenwinning is to encourage, promote and support pro-choice women's leadership in all political parties and levels of public office.

womenwinning was established in 1982 by 25 non-partisan pro-choice women who wanted to increase the number of women in public office.

Thirty years later, womenwinning is the largest and most influential statewide women’s PAC. Since 1982, it has given one million dollars to more than 2,000 women’s campaigns through direct contributions and support for candidate training and recruitment.

Since our inception, the percentage of women state legislators, county commissioners and mayors has doubled.

womenwinning is the only non-partisan, pro-choice women’s organization with both a State and Federal Political Action Committee (PAC) in the state of MN. We raise and spend money to elect pro-choice women candidates atevery level of office, from Park Board to President of the United States. Our strategy is two-fold: First, we identify pro-choice women ready to run for office today. We draw from our pool of past and present Board membersand our statewide membership, as it includes women leaders in the corporate, non-profit, university, and political arenas. We also identify women at all levels of office that have a proven track record to fill the pipeline for higher office.

Second, once we have identified candidates, we help them secure the funds they need to win their race. We endorse and provide funds at the maximum campaign finance limit; hold fundraisers among our membership of over 5,000 people; and train candidates and their staff on ways to raise the money necessary to win.