Ekobius International

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Via Gavilan Km. 24
Puerto Ayacucho

About Us

where civilization ends, ekōbius begins

Located near the "End of the Road" at the "Last Place on Earth" in Venezuela and Guyana in an area referred to as the Guiana Highlands or locally as Guayana in the Spanish language.

It all began as an idea to develop a free nomadic community that is not reliant on society or societal systems which has evolved to become an independent self-reliant ecological village and demonstration center in formation with an address and base to promote an ecologically sustainable lifestyle and share ideals in environmental conscience among neighbors.

The indigenous peoples that inhabit these lands and the governments who manage the parks didn't like the idea of green hippies and eco-adventurers running around the jungle so we had to form a permanent base camp, Fundo Ekobius and the Ekobius Sustainable Community Region is the manifestation of our ideals.

Join us our project under development beginning March 03, 2014 that is open to volunteers, associate members and special guests while we are building under our special programs being developed through members on social media and othe network platforms.