The Economic Progress Institute

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About Us

The Economic Progress Institute, a nonpartisan research and policy organization, advocates for policies that improve economic security and opportunity for Rhode Islanders.

We are the Rhode Island member of the State Priorities Partnership, the Economic Analysis and Research Network, and the Family Values @ Work Network.


 Our state’s vibrant economy and skilled workforce attracts and retains jobs that enable Rhode Islanders to support themselves and their families.

 Government and residents share responsibility for ensuring that all Rhode Islanders, especially low-wage workers and those who cannot work, are able to meet their basic needs.

 An effective, efficient and well-funded public sector provides vital services to Rhode Island residents.

 Our state’s tax structure is fair and adequate.



The Economic Progress Institute is committed to using objective and thorough approaches to its work while adhering to high standards and accountability. The Institute produces credible and knowledge-based materials and information.


The Economic Progress Institute is committed to ensuring all Rhode Islanders, with their rich diversity, have access to economic resources, opportunities and public services to grow and reach their full potential. We engage in strategies to achieve a shared prosperity.


The Economic Progress Institute is an adaptive organization committed to work of the highest quality. We work collaboratively and proactively to develop strategies and partnership to address economic and social inequities. Our practices include time for reflection, discussion and identification of limitations to ensure our work meets the highest professional standards.

Active democracy

The Economic Progress Institute provides information and opportunities for all Rhode Islanders, especially those who often don’t have a seat at the table, to actively participate in public debate and decision-making. We bring passionate leadership and involvement to the issues about which we care.

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