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About Us

The mission of the getavision programs is to inspire and motivate people living with health & financial challenges, their caregivers, family and friends with a passion and purpose for living through use of media, events, programs, projects, and interpersonal interaction, empowering them with tools and resources to help fulfill their hopes and dreams.

The getavision programs address an outstanding need to minimize psychosocial distress for those living with, through, and beyond cancer, HIV/AIDS and other critical health conditions. The getavision programs encourage participation of people with all sorts of afflictions, regarless of physical location or place in life.

We seek to take our participants beyond medical problems, treatment and other related issues to create apositive, challenging environment and servicesthrough which people can look beyond self-interests and invest their time and thoughts in "labors of love." We call these "labors of love" the things we do through ourgetavision timexchangeand in other activities in which people come togetherto create new challenging, motivating and achievable adventures in living.