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About Us

Greenwash Action is a nonprofit organization fiscally sponsored by Earth Island Institute. Our mission is to promote a healthy, biodiverse, and climate-stable world by defending true environmental leadership standards in the green building industry.

Rigorous green building rating systems (known as "environmental leadership standards") such as LEED are under serious threat from industry-sponsored "greenwash" standards and the special interests behind them. Many in the chemical, plastics and conventional timber industries are attacking LEED in the media and in policy forums, because it promotes sustainable forestry, carbon neutrality, and transparency.

Launched in mid-May 2014, Greenwash Action will take strategic action to protect leadership standards that are holistic, truthful, and drive real environmental and social progress.

Greenwash Action seeks summer and fall interns to support all aspects of our operations. Responsibilities include research, communications, administrative tasks, and event production support.