Catholic Social Services- Martha's Choice Marketplace

  • Pennsylvania


353 East Johnson Highway
United States

About Us

Martha’s Choice Marketplace of Catholic Social Services of Montgomery County is regional leader in the emergency food system. Our choice model pantry is changing the way the community thinks about food insecurity by providing clients with dignity, hope and opportunity through personal choice in our marketplace and access to a variety of services and community-building programs at our site.


The largest food pantry in Montgomery County, serving average of 900 families each month, MCM not only provides clients with the very normal experience of shopping for their own groceries, we provide a holistic approach to hunger prevention by continually expanding our capacity for fresh, healthy foods, building a stronger network of food suppliers and providing an easily accessible portal to a wide array of other empowering services, including job search assistance, resume writing, nutritional education, parenting and pre-natal care classes, volunteer welfare assistance programs and much more.


Martha’s Choice Marketplace occupies a unique and critical position as the central hub of the Montgomery County emergency food system and we are seeking to expand the scope of our programs to provide even more co-operative ventures within our community. 

Working together, we are addressing the grave injustice of hunger in our community and creating opportunities for people to flourish. A community that prioritizes creating opportunities for, and serving those in need, as peers, is a community that will produce strong families and children that will grow up, loved, empowered and able to heal our world. We want to be that community.