EQUIP Liberia

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About Us

EQUIP Liberia is a local health and social welfare NGO founded in 1999 with community programs supporting preventative health interventions, improved water and sanitation, nutrition, social welfare, access to justice and protection. EQUIP Liberia provides technical support and training, mobilizes communities and provides quality services in each of these sectors. During this time of development and national rebuilding, we have a special focus on efforts to build the structures and institutional capacity necessary for providing high quality health services at all levels; from communities, to rural health facilities, to the county health teams, as we prepare for the eventual transition of management, supervision, and monitoring of clinics and services to local structures.

Working in partnership with the Ministry of Health, communities and other stakeholders, EQUIP Liberia delivers primary health care in 24 health facilities, while training and empowering community groups, NGOs and others to effectively plan and implement integrated health, education, training, capacity building, water and sanitation, protection and livelihood development projects. We are currently working with some 420,000 people in war-affected communities in rural and remote areas in Nimba, Lofa, Bong, and Grand Bassa counties. We are also working to build the capacity of our over 6,000 trained Community Health and Welfare Volunteers (Community Health Supporters and Community Welfare committees) in rural communities in Liberia, and in partnership with the Ministry of Health supervise 281 General Community Health Volunteers (GCHVs) in Community Case Management (CCM) of common childhood illnesses.

EQUIP Liberia has a ten year proven record of sustainable impact through integrated, in-depth, participatory community mobilization and capacity building. Long term loyalty to beneficiaries and sustainability through training volunteers are key aspects of EQUIP Liberia’s approach.