Clover Foundation

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About Us


Working to enable young children living in poverty in Uganda to have the health, confidence and ability to grow and become the change in their community. 

Clover Foundation is an organization comprised of Ugandans and Americans who are working to care for young children in Kampala, Uganda who live in extreme poverty.  We are a NGO in Uganda, and a Non-Profit in the US.  We offer families in the community of Busega a safe, nurturing, engaging and educational place to bring their children, infants to 6 year olds, during the day, Monday through Friday.  Currently, and since March 2013, Clover is serving 40 children at our Center by providing early childhood and preschool education, so to prepare the children we serve to enter primary school.  Additionally, we are supporting, through fundraising, sponsorships or partnerships, eight recent graduates of Clover (6-7 years of age) at a community primary school.